Friday, August 11, 2017

Let's try this again for all the people in the cheap seats. ^_^

Spiffy, eh?  ^_^
So having been keeping this blog since at least 2011, I found one day that all my voice acting posts were gone.  The pictures of my first home studio?  Gone.  The pics of the Tardis Recording Booth?  Also gone.  Announcements regarding Star Trek: Outpost, the audio series I've been in for the last 7 years?  Poof.  Order of the Stick, the fan audioStolen Hearts, The Invitation?  The Award nominations and wins?  Gone.  What's a guy to do?

Adapt and improve.  So here's, "I Want To Read This For You", ver. 2.  Electric Boogaloo.

Over the next week, I hope to finagle the time to be able to get links to resumes, demos and some of the old news back up on here for people to see.  Some of the stuff I've read.  All the good things I started this blog for in the first place.

So, the current update.

Still doing phonework and working on my professional VO Voice doing tech support for my day thing.  We've moved into an apartment that's just 2 inches too low, ceiling-wise to use our TARDIS recording booth in the living room like we did at our last apartment.  It's heartbreaking, but I don't see us staying here for a huge amount of time.  The TARDIS went into storage and will come back out when we're into a place with higher ceilings again.

My big desktop currently has at least 5 fans in it.  Three of which are on the video card.  And when it's running hard, like it often does, it blows like a jet engine.  So I've been shutting it down and attaching the condenser mike and pre-amp to our much quieter laptop.  I've been considering getting a dedicated one for JUST voice acting altogether.  I think I could get one pretty cheaply nowadays if it's going to only be purpose-specific.  As well, if I have a separate machine for JUST recording, I don't have to dig into settings and rewire things every time I kidnap our laptop.  Any of my friends and family that have a spare QUIET laptop?  Donations are always happily accepted.

"Star Trek: Outpost" is now, in accordance with the fan production edicts that have come down from CBS and Paramount Pictures, "Outpost: A Star Trek Fan Production".  We're finally over the hump of some real life issues and official ones with the people that own the IP, and we're finally starting to ramp up monthly production again.  I've had MUCH fun doing these last two episodes.  If my producer/director is any gauge of the performances I turned in, we're looking at something pretty special.

I put in with a NC based talent agency today with my current online professional demo.  I mean to do a new one soon to replace that one.  I should be doing lots more of them than I have.  I have to make sure that I don't make so many plans to make demos that I'm too overwhelmed to actually start DOING them.  That kind of self-sabotage I don't need.  I'm hoping perhaps that a sustained campaign of applying at every site I can, legitimate talent-agency-wise may bear more tangible fruit than sticking with the one agency and hoping.  We'll see.

Also getting ready to go to DragonCon at the end of the month.  So I'm looking forward to the fun parts.  Not so much the heat, crowds and fatigue that comes with it.  The Atlanta Symphony is going to be there again this year doing genre music favorites for a Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention.  I'm really hoping that they'll do an arrangement medley I've heard around of Alan Silvestri's themes for "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" by Neil DeGrasse-Tyson and Anne Druyan.

I know I want, sometime soon to finish writing my DragonCon parody, "Welcome to DragonCon", based on the style of Cecil Baldwin's show, "Welcome to Nightvale".  Which is quite worth your time.  Anyway!  Dinnertime.  Waffles tonight.  My wife is aweome.